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Call either salon to book a complimentary hair extension consultation where we will match your colour and provide a quotation.

Have you ever purchased hair and the ends of the hair are thin and straggly or noticed girls with a just few strands of wispy hair? Well, this means that the hair ratio is low grade and lots of different hair lengths are bundled together, resulting in the hair looking like it needs a good few inches cut off. We specialise in double drawn hair and actually only offer double drawn hair in our salon professional range. Double drawn gives the illusion of healthy, full and thick hair.

True double drawn hair means that over 80% of the hair bundle is made up of the final length with very minimal numbers of shorter strands, so if you purchase 20 inch extensions, at least 80% of the hair has to be 20 inches in length.

We sell custom colour matched luxury hair extension clip-ins which we will measure to suit your head and help you fit them so you look your absolute best, the freedom of clip-ins is you can take them out as you wish without having the cost of maintenance as with bonded extensions.
You can colour your Clip-in Extensions and bonded hair,

We always advise caution and to use a professional to do this. We also recommend to only change the colour by a few shades and to avoid any bleaching agents. We suggest testing a small area first. Please note, once your product has been coloured you are unable to return for a refund.

Remy is considered to be the finest quality of human hair and is a term used for hair that is ‘Cuticle Correct’ (where the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped). This is a must for extensions and means that when prepared all the hair strands are placed in the same downward direction making the extensions far less likely to matt or tangle and are completely natural in appearance.
We use only human hair in our Clip-in Extensions and bonded products, so they can be treated like your own hair with just a little more added care than usual.
Also known as cold fusion, shoelace tip or Flash Point, I-Tip extensions are applied by using a pulling tool through a micro or nano ring. The I-tip is then compressed with hair extension pliers. Our I-Tips are Grade AAAAA hair.

Also known as Fusion, U-Tip extensions feature a U shaped tip and are applied using a heat applicator. The ‘U’ tip can be trimmed prior to application. Our UTips are Grade AAAAA hair.

Single-Drawn means that whilst the majority of hair strands are the nominal length – i.e. 18″ or 20″ – there can be a number of shorter ones of varying length. The hair is thick at the tip of the bundle and then taper off towards the end. This provides a natural fall and blend with your own hair, especially if it is layered.

Double-Drawn means virtually all the strands are the same length – i.e. 18″ or 20″. The hair extensions are very thick right to the tip. The process to achieve this is very labour intensive and requires more hair to achieve the result – hence the higher price. However, it provides a much denser result overall.

As long as you apply and remove them with care they should not cause any damage to your own hair.
Our 100% Human Hair range can last anything from a few months up to a year or possibly longer depending on how often you wear them and how you care for them when in and out of your hair.
Ideally your hair should be around shoulder length or longer but with clever styling techniques you can wear them if your hair is shorter.
You can but we advise you plait the Clip-in Extensions when sleeping to save them from getting tangled in your sleep and helping them to last as long as possible. By taking the Clip-in Extensions out at night you will, however, prolong their life.
You can use heat on your your Clip-in Extensions and bonded extensions and style as if your own, you may find the hair lasts longer if you use a heat protection spray when styling.
Yes you can,

Clip-ins – As our Clip In Hair Extensions are made of Human Hair you can wash as if your own hair with just that extra care. We advise using Sulphate Free Shampoos on all our human hair products and be sure not to rub the hairs together when shampooing, always stroke the products in the hairs. To extend the life span of your hair we advise using a deep conditioning treatment when you feel the hair needs a moisture boost.